Hot Spring

--- ONSEN Baths in Sankouen ---

Soak in an unceasing flow of hot spring water and let yourself float to comfort.

Forget your cares as you soothe body and mind.

Gaze at majestic Mount Yufu as you let your body soak in the softly swaying water.
Turn your ears to the bubbling sound of flowing streams as warmth soaks your very being.Our 6 outdoor baths and 4 inside baths flow cantinuously, an unbroken spring.
Enjoy this moment to the fullest - you owe it to yourself.

Women Only "Hime-no-Yu"

Private open-air bath "Yugiri-no-Yu"

Private open-air bath "Hotaru-no-Yu"

Private open-air bath "Yuhudakemi-no-Yu"

Large capacity open-air bath

Private open-air bath "Asagiri-no-Yu"

Big bath (Women-Only)

Big bath (Men-Only)

*For private open-air baths, in-house guests can use them for free. Opens for 24 hours, no reservation needed.

Operating hours for hot spring baths are as follows:

  • Indoor: 15:00-09:30
  • Open-air bath (female only): 15:00-24:00, 06:00-9:30
  • Private bath:15:00-24:00, 06:00-9:30